XI International Ontology Congress

11 Edition (2014): Old Questions on Physis, Contemporary Approaches

XI Edition

Programa Provisional XI Edición


Under the Honorary Presidency of Bas van Fraassen

PHYSISSan Sebastian – Barcelona October 1st – 6th 2014

Special Edition: A Coruña, October 23rd 2014

Some speakers 

D. Z. ALBERT (Columbia University) F. J. AYALA (Templeton Prize, Irvine, California) V. CAMPS (UAB) E. CARBONELL (URV-ATAPUERCA) J. I. CIRAC (Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik ) C. COHEN-TANNOUDJI (Nobel Award – ENS) A. ESTANY (UAB) José Ignacio LATORRE (Universitat de Barcelona) J. LADYMAN (University of Bristol) T. MAUDLIN (New York University) D. SFENDONI-MENTZOU(Aristotle U. of Thessaloniki) J. M. RAIMOND (École Normale Supérieure Paris) S. SAUNDERS (University of Oxford) L. TARCA (Ca’foscari, Venezia) B. VAN FRAASSEN (Princeton University)

Sections: I. The problem of realism: state of the art  I. 1. The realist-antirealist debate in Greek Thought. I. 2. The realist-antirealist debate in Contemporary Philosophy. I. 3. 50 Years of Bell’s Theorem: Quantum Mechanics and Scientific Realism. I. 4. The debate of realism through the History of Thought. II. The rise of the human animal: state of the art II. 1. Historical perspective:  The conception of human being through the History of Thought. II. 2. Philosophical anthropology and Contemporary Science. II. 3. The emergency of the language. II. 4. The debate on the rise of the human animal from Palaeontology and Genetics.



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