XI International Ontology Congress

11 Edition (2014): Old Questions on Physis, Contemporary Approaches

XI Edition

San Sebastian October 1st - 4th 2014* // Barcelona October 6th - 7th 2014 // Special session: A Coruña October 2014 

Under the Honorary Presidency of Bas Van Fraassen



1. THE PROBLEM OF REALISM: STATE OF THE ART (Under the patronage of DIPC and ENS)

2. THE RISE OF THE HUMAN ANIMAL: STATE OF THE ART (Under the patronage of ATAPUERCA Fundation)

Some of the speakers:

Confirmed: F. J. Ayala (Irvine University -Templeton Award), V. Camps (UAB), L. Candiotto (Ca’Foscari), E. Carbonell (ATAPUERCA)l, I. Cirac (Max-Planck Institute), C. Cohen-Tannoudji (ENS – Nobel Award), M.J. Frápolli (Granada), S. French (Universit of Leeds), J. Ladyman (University of Bristol), D. David Lordkipanidze (DMANISI Archaeological Site, Georgia),  T. Mauldin (New York University), J.M. Raimond (ENS), L. Tarca (Ca’Foscari).

Invited (to be confirmed): M. de Mora (San Sebastián),  C. Rovelli (Marseille), D. Sfendoni-Mentzou (Thessaloniki), F. Vidotto (Radboud, Netherlands).

In 1948, Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger interrupted a course in the Trinity College of Dublin arguing that, before continuing to work on physics, it was necessary for him to know the meaning of the word Physis. The result of his reflection was a small book, Nature and the Greeks. As he greatly admired the Greek invention of scientific view, Schrödinger seemed to think that returning to the roots was the best way of staying faithful to the spirit of science. Since its first conference in 1993, the aim of the International Ontology Congress has been to breathe new life into the great topics of Greek philosophy, examining them from a contemporary perspective, namely using the tools provided by contemporary science. These problems keep being brought up constantly, either because of the emergence of new scientific data or because of attempts of new philosophic perspectives. Most of the conferences of the Congress have been held under the auspices of UNESCO. It is obvious that the philosophical and ontological reflection about nature, what was in other times known as natural philosophy, cannot take place without the support of the “natural science of our times”, using Heisenberg’s words. In this edition, the International Ontology Congress will tackle two problems that have probably haunted the humanity from the beginning but did really became central for the Greek thinkers; the problem of Realism and the problem of the essence of the human being.

Papers are going to be read in San Sebastian


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