XII International Ontology Congress

12 Edition (2016): Physis kai Polis

Related editions

Out of the nine previous editions of the Congress, four of them are partially related to the subject matter of the current edition: On the one hand, the third and fourth congresses, entitled Physis From Greek Thought to Quantum Mechanics and Meta tà PhysikaA Tribute to John Bell. They were both organized under the auspices of UNESCO, and relevant personalities of philosophy and physics took part in them, among others the French Alain Aspect and the American Nobel Prize winner Willis Lamb (both members of the Permanent Scientific Committee). On the other hand, the V International Ontology Congress, under the auspices of UNESCO and with the geneticist Francisco Ayala as an honorary president, was entitledGenetic Homology and Human Singularity. Outstanding philosophers and biologists participated, among which we can mention the Nobel Prize winner Christian de Duve. The reflections were extended, once language was explicitly considered as the core of the problem, in the sixth congress. The latter was also organized with the support of UNESCO; with Hilary Putnam as honorary president, and the presence of researchers in language formation like Steven Pinker.


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